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Cone 5-6 (1185C-1222C) 

A collection of potters' favorite glazes made easy. These glazes are fired in an oxidation kiln. They are made for anyone who would like to achieve the Cone 10 reduction effects without having to have a reduction gas kiln or firing at that high temperature. The PC Series glazes look beautiful and authentic. They work well over any of the AMACO® stoneware or porcelain clays. (Somthing

陶藝家們最喜歡變得容易的釉料。這些釉料燒製在氧化爐。他們喜歡實現Cone 10效果釉,而無需有還原氣體窯燒製或在高溫度下進行。PC系列釉看起來美麗和真實的。以及通過任何AMACO®石器或瓷器粘土上施用。

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* 18 Colors Choice @ $120.00/ Pint (473ml.)