New Supply 新登場

A combination of the popularity of the ceramic art equipment, suitable for children over the age of five, and safe to use under the guidance of instructors. Incorporating convenient and affordable.


Table Potter's Wheel  座台式拉坯機
PA-15W Mini Wheel

Current: 220Volts, 2Amps

AC Motor 15W

Speed Range: 0 to 60rpm.

Control: Button Drive

Wheel Head: Dia.6" (150mm.)

Size: L10.5" x W10.5" x H8.375"

Weight: 3.9Kg.

PA-25W Mini Wheel

Current: 220Volts, 2Amps

AC Motor 25W

Speed Range: 0 to 150rpm.

Control: Foot-pedal

Wheel Head: Dia.6" (150mm.)

Size: Dia.10.875" x H8.75"

Weight: 4.8Kg.


PA-60W Wheel

Current: 220Volts, 3Amps

AC Motor 60W

Speed Range: 0 to 180rpm.

Control: Foot-pedal

Wheel Head: Dia.8" (200mm.)

Size: Dia.12.5" x H10.25"

Weight: 7.3Kg.


TSR-16 Table Slab Roller 座台式泥板機

Suitable for studios with limited space, portable & lightweight (11.5Kg.)
Produce slabs up to 16" wide.
Includes 2-piece boards for rolling desired thickness.
Includes crank handle and canvas.



製作泥板可達14" x 16"寬。



TC-21 Hand Extruder 座手擠壓泥器

Easy to use hand extruder.

Comes with 5 coil die and 1 blank dies.





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